Notification of revising trading rule of Stock Connect Northbound Trading

According to the announcement of the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC) [CSRC Decree No. 200] “Decision of the CSRC to Amend the Several Provisions on the Mainland-Hong Kong Mutual Stock Market Access Mechanism” issued on 10th June 2022, there are some below amendments on the trading rules of Mainland-Hong Kong Stock Connect.


Since 25th July 2022:

  • New Mainland Investors* client cannot apply for Stock Connect Northbound Trading service
  • Existing Mainland Investors* clients who have this trading service can trade A shares through Stock Connect

Since 24th July 2023:

  • All Mainland Investors* client will only be allowed to sell their pre-existing A shares and will be prohibited from trading A shares via Stock Connect Northbound Trading service



*Mainland Investors includes Chinese citizens holding China Identity Document and a corporation registered in China with a legal or non-legal personality, excluding Chinese citizens holding overseas permanent resident identity document.