Two Factor Authentication for Online Trading System


For the purposes of strengthen a security of internet services, Two Factor Authentication for access to your Online Trading Service will be expected to progressively launch in the form of an SMS-based one-time password (“OTP”) on 16th April, 2018. We hope that you can use a safe, reliable and convenient online trading service.

Features of Two Factor Authentication

Securities online trading platform: (Expected to launch on 27th April, 2018)
When you login the Securities Online Trading Platform via website, software or APP, you will be required to enter the OTP sent to your designated mobile phone number each time you access the Internet Trading System.

Futures online trading platform: (Expected to launch on 16th April, 2018)
When you are the first time to use the device to login the Futures Online Trading Platform (SP Trader) via software or APP, you will be required to enter the OTP sent to your designated mobile phone number for registering this device. When this device is completed by the first time authentication, login name and password are required only when using the same device in the future. The maximum 5 devices can be registered only.

User manual for Futures(PC version & APP version)

User manual for US Stock


  1. Two Factor Authentication requires client’s valid mobile number. Client should ensure the registered mobile number is the latest valid number. Otherwise, it is not allowed to login online trading platform successfully by passing the authentication.
  2. To ensure login online trading platform successfully, please change the updated mobile number if the number is changed.
  3. If client has not registered any mobile number for us, please update the valid mobile number on or before 16 April 2018. Otherwise, client cannot continue logging in the trading account.
  4. If client are overseas and using overseas mobile service providers, the service provider may not support receipt of international SMS. Please be reminded to turn on mobile phone and activate roaming service to ensure client can receive the OTP SMS to complete the online transaction when you travel to Mainland China / overseas. Please consult your telecommunication service provider for details.
  5. For any reason about failing to login online trading platform by Two Factor Authentication, we suggest calling (852) 2823 0368 (Hong Kong line) or 40085 95579 (China line) for trading by phone firstly. And then contact customer service department for solving related login problem.

Step for updating/adding mobile phone number

Please click hereand print out the “Change of Client’s Information form”. Please complete and sign the form. Client may return to us by post, email or fax. When we received the form, we will contact client for confirmation.

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